Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Indexing at FamilySearch

I decided to do it. For several years now, I've been using FamilySearch. It has been great. I've found census record, births and baptisms, and much more. I have had a paid subscription to Ancestry off and on over the past few years and that has been great too.

But FamilySearch is free and I appreciate it. While on the site looking at all those free records (and there are more each year), I noticed they were looking for volunteers to index. No time commitment. You don't have to say whether you can work an hour per week or 10 hours per week. You don't have to go somewhere to see the records. You can do as much or as little as you like and do it from home.

So next time you are at looking at those free records, notice the Menu across the top of the page. Look for the item that says "Indexing" and pick it to learn about the indexing projects going on and how to be a volunteer.

It's easy and painless and your chance to pay-back all the volunteers who have helped index the records you use.