Sunday, October 30, 2011

Archibald Greer - Occupation

I was looking at Matthew Greer's Marriage certificate which I wrote about yesterday. And I was trying to read his father's occupation. Here is a the part of the marriage certificate that has that:>

It looks like Rank on Professor Farmer. So does that mean he is a Professor and a Farmer or a Professor of Farming. Or perhaps it says he is a Professional Farmer. If so, how does that differ from an ordinary farmer (see Thomas Allinghams's entry).

If anyone wants to see the whole certificate, here it is. Because my scanner was smaller than the paper,it is in 2 overlapping pages. Oddly, the last column is not supposed to be occupation but that seems to be what is there.

Any suggestions welcome.


  1. Hi Jack,
    I'm bitten by the Family Tree Bug and happened on your site quite by accident. I'm well impressed. As we'd say around here (Killavullen, North Cork)- fair play to you!
    My Dad's first cousin Josie Duggan was married to Bobby Reidy Rathpalatine Co. Limerick - both deceased, but family alive.
    My guess is the detail on the cert you've displayed reads Rank or Profession FARMER. The person completing it put in this as a heading.
    Take good care
    John Hannon

  2. Thank you, John. Your guess certainly makes good sense and I think you are probably right. Explains 2 things that made no sense to me.


  3. Hi John,

    I realized I had not finished responding. I see you have a Reidy as well as being a Family History person. If you want to leave a query on my Gathering of Reidys ,drop me an email.

    My Reidy's are also from co Limerick. Rathkeale to be more specific.